Fading Haze - The Band

What is supposed to achieve if a Jazz- and Classical Music-influenced Art Rocker and a Southern-Rock-Metal-drenched Old Rocker
will happen to meet one another?
Would anybody expect this constellation to produce anything musically remarkable? Hardly...
Neither did the two protagonists, Frank Oehler (keys) and Klaus Baumann (guit) : The first, a Kulmbach/Upper Franconia local hero
in the late seventies with the Krautrock likes of STAINLESS STEEL, the latter earning his first merits in a semi-renowned orchestra torturing
the audiences in Fürth/Central Franconia with traditionals and evergreens...

It all became interesting in early 2001 when Frank compiled a selection of his demo songs on a CD-ROM and handed it over to his new
brother-in-law Klaus, waiting for a reaction. It took some time for the stolid metalhead to recognize the potential of these six songs (Down
the Forest, Circles, Really you, Miles & Miles, My Keyboards, and Julia). But at last he unbent, and gradually they bridged the gap between
their different musical backgrounds, playing their first living room sessions.

Jamming Rock standards, improvising on the inevitable Blues scales and impersonating the famous Jon Lord/Ritchie Blackmore-duels, they
quickly reduced their talents to a common denominator and began to work out Frank´s songs. But when their initial intention, the refining
of these demo songs, was fulfilled to their very pleasure, there were so many new ideas left that led into their first common songs... far too good
for not further pursuing that new musical direction!

Soon, after a convivial après-session, the name of the project was born: Philosophizing on nature, freedom and music, countryboy Frank
and town-cast Klaus agreed to document their musical effusions on a CD to be called Nature´s Boy meets City Gnome. They set up a home studio,
and at the end of summer 2001, with their indispensable outdoor activities, they began to work seriously on their first output - in the beginning still
under the banner of AUTUMN HAZE, until they noticed a US-Band of the same name. The recordings were completed by May 2002 and the album
was released on the band´s own label. By the way: There are still some copies available ... nudge, nudge!

The core of Nature´s Boy meets City Gnome is the title track, an almost eclectic instrumental describing their encounter and the fusion of their musical
predilections, also reflecting the stylistic range of FADING HAZE, the name they´re finally trading under. But there are of course a few other gems,
such as the fragile Flight of the Swans, the melancholic Crazy Summer, the atmospheric Down the Forest, or the vividly grooving Question Song (some
of these "old" songs can still be downloaded from various websites).

In the wake of the release, fanzines and local radio stations were not sparing with surprisingly good reviews and frequent airplay, and especially
the song Circles with its beautiful saxophone solo soon became a trademark of the band. So, as a logical consequence, FADING HAZE began the
rehearsals on the follow-up with jams on this song, leading in a fine unplugged version with strings and horns which will be released as one
of the first new tracks on a Promo CD in spring 2007.

As nobody can tell by now how long the release of the new album will draw yet, this Promo CD is intended to offer a foretaste to what will be featured
on their second full-length output (draft-title: Sea of Colours, another already unreleased early demo song): You can look forward to a similarly wide
musical range as shown on Nature´s Boy meets City Gnome; some rockers, a few ballads, several extended epics sparkling with a variety of influences and
catchy melodies... And on behalf of the lyrics, either, the new material will represent a still down-to-earth, partly philosophical angle of vision of a band
learning and growing , of a band reinforcing their unique style!